Saturday, November 17, 2012

Grand Opening & Patchwork Recap

Leading up to last weekend, we wondered more than a couple of times what we had gotten ourselves into...a pre-opening party, grand opening day, and Patchwork Long 3 consecutive days!? Ready or not is was time for our close-up! Without the tremendous generosity & help of so many friends and family, there is truly no way we would have pulled it off. I'll leave any further sappiness to personal thank-you's! At least tears of gratitude can't smudge internet writing!

A couple of pictures actually exist from the grand opening festivities! We were so caught up in the moment, that these are all we have to share. Our (big) little banner at the top left actually doubled as the backdrop to our Patchwork booth as I'm sure it will for many future events. All it took was some crocheted chains stitched on a drop cloth and the fabulous bunting made by Jessica at (not only did she make the awesome arrow cookies and honeycomb candy at the bottom, but she's a crafty one too!). The pre-opening party was such a hit, our favorite little customer had to take a rest in our comfy lounge area.

Grand opening Saturday was just as fun, but maybe a little windier...we were able to capture our sandwich board (made by Grandpa!) before it's corner was chipped clean off in a gust! Inside, however, we were crocheting and letterpressing up a storm and giving tours of the space! If you didn't make it in last weekend, don't fret, we are always happy to show you the space!
By the time Sunday rolled around, we were running on pure adrenaline. As our first craft fair booth (can you believe it!?) it came together pretty smoothly, but it's amazing how easily things can become disastrous. For example, how did I not realize until the last minute, that there was no way all of our supplies were going to fit in my little Ford Escape? Or that finding your destination can be a matter of having a navigator or not! (Thank you Megan, Jessica & Sean for all your help!!). Our letterpress was a big hit and we still have the gift tag linoleum blocks at the studio if you didn't get a chance to try it out that day. If you did miss the Long Beach show, there's still one more in Santa Ana on the 25th! 

It was so great to meet so many new people over the weekend! If you entered our drawing, keep an eye out on Facebook and in your e-mail as we will be announcing winners soon!!


Friday, November 2, 2012


Our Grand Opening is finally here! Join us on Saturday, November 10th, to check out the studio and do some fun DIY-ing! We'll be raffling off some great prizes too! We hope to see you soon!

**Please note that we have a big little typo on our official website, and our correct address is 2035 Placentia**
Sorry for any confusion!