Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We have a location!

We are one step closer to opening our doors...now that we actually have them! After an exhaustive search, we stumbled on this space and got that fuzzy feeling inside. We love it's industrial feel with wide open workspace and can't wait to see it filled with creative projects! Here are a few pictures of our little remodel, courtesy of our friend Simon Rotkopf.

View of workspace from floor
Nuts & Bolts and Carpeting Tools
Overhead Conduit
Scrap wood with blurred shop background Wood scraps & work table

You can't miss the giant work table in the bottom right image, but what you can't see is the equally giant cutting mat covering the top! We are beyond excited to begin filling the space with the equipment of our (and hopefully your) dreams. More pictures to follow as we progress and add furniture and machines!!